Azur lane torpedo bomber

The formula used to compute the anti-air Burst values of the torpedo bombers below is as follows:. IJN Torpedoes are aimed at targets instead of being launched at parallel in exchange for lower base damage per torpedo.

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As AA performance depends on how many aircraft your aircraft have to shoot to begin with, two indicators are provided. Japanese torpedo bombers tend to unload on the closest targets to the centre of the screen and ignore the ones further left or right completely.

All other torpedo bombers tend to launch their torpedoes in parallel patterns near the centre of the screen and may completely miss a target if it is located at the extremities. Timing airstrikes properly greatly affects damage achieved. All the values shown do not factor in the attacker's Reload or Airpower stats; nor the defender's AA stat. From Azur Lane Wiki. AA Gun DPS assumes aircraft have an unlimited number of targets to shoot at, and predicts performance of planes against multiple waves of enemy aircraft.

AA Gun Burst assumes every gun gets to fire only onceand predicts performance of planes against a single wave of enemy aircraft per launch. Category : Equipment lists. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 18 Januaryat Fairey Swordfish Squadron.September 23, Return to Index.

Torpedo Bomber Overview Unlike fighters and dive bombers, the base damage stats in game actually refer to their torpedo damage for some reason. So it's actually okay to look at the stats in game. The stat you see in game is what you get in terms of torpedo damage. Torpedo damage is what matters, and it's accurately reflected in game. Therefore you can use your best judgment regarding using a T2 plane by comparing torpedo base damage.

Torpedo bombers can carry two kinds of torpedoes: 1. Common: This type of torpedoes travel in parallel to each other in straight lines from your side of the screen to the enemy's in a sweeping pattern. Good for AOE coverage. Sakura: This type of torpedoes attemp to aim at specific enemies and travel in their directions. Found on Japanese torpedo bombers. Some of the torpedo bombers have kamikaze damage that are twice as much as the highest dive bombers and fighters.

The torpedoes used by these planes have different armor modifiers as surface ship torpedoes. Takeoff CD. Flying Speed. Touchdown Dmg. HP CV at Lv Firing Angle. The purple T2 version of this plane is also very good.

It has identical kamikaze damage but worse stats otherwise.

azur lane torpedo bomber

Nakajima B6N Tenzan. Torpedo damage is lower than the gold Barracuda, but the aiming pattern is useful against slow-moving or stationary targets mostly bosses. For those situations, Barracuda is not going to hit with all of its torps, but this will.

For clearing many enemies this is not great, because it lacks AOE.September 22, Return to Index. Dive Bomber Overview Dive bombers share the same problem with fighters. Let's reiterate it. The rationale is as follows: For one-dimensional equipments guns and torpedoesthe damage comes from the equipment as a single entity. Therefore the numbers listed in game are accurate.

Planes are not one-dimensional like those. Each plane comes with its own set of weapons machine guns, bombs, torpedoes etc that each have stats of their own. The number the game calculates is the theoretical damage based on all weapons assuming they all hit. This is drastically inaccurate because weapons have their own sets of attributes that need to be considered. An non-perfect analogy would be like this: In this game, you can tell what a ship is good at, because you can see if she has high firepower, high torp or high AA etc.

But imagine that instead of displaying each stat for your ship separately, they combined all of them and put an average number next to the ship's name.

This is very unhelpful and is exactly what the game is doing to fighters and dive bombers. DPS calculated completely out of context based on the displayed damage stat is completely worthless and should not be referenced at all. Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about dive bombers.

There are currently bombs of 5 different weights. Armor modifiers for them are as follows: Against Light Armor. Against Medium Armor. Against Heavy Armor. Modifiers are weapon tier-independent. Bombers use AA weapons the same way as fighters use them in active AA. In other words, they shoot down enemy planes during air strikes after you press the air strike button.

As expected, there is no passive AA auto-launch for bombers. The relative difference in plane HP should remain the same ratio for higher or lower Lvs. Plane weapons are tiered T3, T2, T1 just like equipments and they scale with plane tiers.

T3 planes will have all T3 weapons and T2 planes will have all T2 weapons, even though they may carry weapons of the same names.

List of Torpedo Bombers

T3 weapons are quite a lot better. Therefore, you should avoid T2 and T1 planes if you can. Takeoff CD. Flying Speed.Drink lots of water.

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azur lane torpedo bomber

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azur lane torpedo bomber

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azur lane torpedo bomber

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