John deere 450c steering clutch adjustment

Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Need Helpc Steering clutches Hey guys, just bought a c crawler. I have to replace the steering clutches on both sides of the tractors and i'm having a problem getting them out. Does anyone know how to get the output shaft that runs through the steering clutches out of the tractor. Do i have to take the final drive off like on the or is the c different, is there someting i'm missing.

Please help guys any info or pictures would be great. Reply With Quote. Re: Need Helpc Steering clutches Have you a tech manual available? Have you been on jdparts for a part breakdown, which can be helpful "seeing" what the individual parts look like. Re: Need Helpc Steering clutches I do not have a manual the nearest place to get one is about two hundred miles away. Re: Need Helpc Steering clutches I don't know if this helps, but they have some exploded drawings and parts lists on JD parts.

John Deere - Parts Catalog. Attached Thumbnails. Re: Need Helpc Steering clutches You can probably get help here. There is lots of stuff.We expect this to last months and during this time we will still be receiving inquiries and orders as best we can. If they shut down, we do to 3. To help "steer" you toward creating a superior steering clutch we wanted to encourage you to use the bimetallic steering clutch discs and to eliminate the old style fiber friction discs.

To do this, we have discontinued the fiber friction discs to make sure you get a superior clutch. You will often discover, after you buy them, that the clutch pack of discs being offered includes the inferior fiber friction discs and not the upgraded bimetallic friction discs.

We only sell the higher quality bimetallic friction discs. JD makes a tool for this but as you have probably discovered they do not sell the tool, and asking to borrow one, if they even have it, well Luckily, Grimy Men stick together and help each other You can get fancy or just make the tool from a manila folder, cardboard, foam board, or whatever is handy.

We are set up to offer the payment choices of either Visa, Master Card, or the PayPal option to the account of webmaster tractorparts. All items below are in stock and if you would like to get any of them on the way just let us know! You may also email steeringclutch gmail.

We are located 20 miles east of Boise, Idaho. Some users prefer the paper over the bimetallic and some prefer bimetallic over paper faced discs.

JD 450C Clutch Adjustment Issue

We provide both options. The T steel separator plates used in the earlier JD's are often confused with the T plates used in the later steering clutches of the JDB's.

To be sure which plates you have in your clutch the thickness should be measured. The T will measure closer to. If the quantity of your discs varies from what is normally required, it is usually cause by the mis-use of the wrong steel separator plates. The depth of the brake drum was deeper in the B. To complete your JD B steering clutch rebuild, we have produced NEW steering clutch pressure plates, complete with mounting cover, springs, levers and pressure plate.

This will speed up your repair and cut your costs by having them ready to install. Because later brake bands, if upgraded to the riveted on linings, they will be inconsistent in the placement of rivets.

john deere 450c steering clutch adjustment

For this reason these linings are not yet countersunk for the rivets. This may help you in your steering clutch adjustments.Forum Rules.

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JD 450C Clutch Adjustment Issue

Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of JD C Steering issue Good morning all, new to this forum. This is a new machine to me and the first machine I have owned. The other day while using the machine machine worked as intended the right stick for steering became harder and harder to move machine in intended direction until it finally stopped machine completely when pulling back.

A few weeks ago I broke a hydraulic line on the backhoe, fixed it and filled reviser with fluid. I am wondering if this may have anything to do with the issue at hand. Looking under the seat I find two hydraulic valves which I am assuming are the brake adjusters? I am also assuming that pulling back on the track steering applies pressure to the brakes to turn? Remember, I am new to tractors Can someone give me some help in trouble shooting this issue? The machine drives straight right now but, when pulling back on the right stick, machine stops.

When you let go of the stick it holds fast for a few seconds then releases and will travel forward again. Also, are there any fluid filters to change on this machine?

I do not have a service manual for this machine! Man are they expensive! Any one have one for sale or know where I can get one? PDF version is fine. Thanks in advance, Kaelin. Last edited by klmahnke; at PM. Reason: Added information. Reply With Quote. I would guess faulty control valve, low pressure or worn clutch discs.Users browsing this forum: Lavoy and 5 guests. Skip to content. Quick links. How long do they last? Post support questions about your JD and newer crawler here.

Is it common for the steering clutches to be in good shape with this amount of hours? The steering clutches has never been replaced.

Unloading John deere 450, Saurer 5DM

The engine was rebuilt quit some time ago and it has all an new track system put on less than two years ago and the new clutch was replaced about the same time. It has been on a farm so it has not been used a lot. Regards, Joel. Did they say why it was needed? No he didn't. How long should the engine last? Did you buy the machine? New clutch. How much did you give for it?

I was looking at one were the owner died and his son is selling it. It showed hrs and he said it was true. But the cleats were almost gone and the links were too. He had a work sheet showing the work his dad had done.

It showed tranny work ,new manifold,welding on bottom of final drives and some engine work,also new pins and bushings put into the worn links. He should of bought a used track. I don't remember if the hour meter flips at hours or if they go to I noticed that you have to pull just a little harder on the right steering clutch. It works fine, just not quite as easy as the left side. Is there any way to adjust the steering clutches without tanking of the hydro tank off? Here is where you set it.

Set the clutch to open just before break enguages. Only if break bands were set up wrong will they need to be replaced and this could occur at any time. If the break sets it self to high then you have a lose older system and you can back the break of at the setting area. Your motor should last from 14 thousand to a well cared for 18 thousand hours. I have found that Deeres engines can last longer than most but are the first to be trubled with cylender base seal problems if you do not change the antifreeze often This is Deeres mortal enemy.

So change the antifreeze at least every 5 years or 4 if you tend to be on the unlucky side too often like me I have 22 John Deere engines and none have coolant older than 4 years NONE! It had the sleeves replaced at hours. So mabey depends on use ,how soon they get replaced.

The Dealer said they sometimes leak between sleeve and cylinder. If it not too beat up.Looking for John Deere C Bulldozer parts? You've come to the right place. We sell a wide range of new aftermarket, used and rebuilt C replacement parts to get your machine back up and running quickly. Parts specialists are available from 8am to pm EST. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

Prices shown are estimates and will vary depending on condition and availability. Give us a call today Parts specialists are available from 8am to pm EST. Fast Responsive Service. They have a very helpful staff and will look out for your best interest I have found their service and pricing excellent.

I would highly recommend them!

john deere 450c steering clutch adjustment

Their professionalism is second to none. They are helpful and trustworthy Todd J. Even if they don't know the product line they helped me find a solution.

Their sales staff is knowledgeable, helpful and very prompt.

Cost to replace steering clutch brake 450 b J.D

They also have the best prices around! What i like the most about this company is the way they handle orders and everything is delivered on time. Why Choose Us We pride ourselves on growing a partnership with our customers built on trust and great service.Discussion in ' Dozers ' started by Heavy ChevyFeb 5, Log in or Sign up.

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john deere 450c steering clutch adjustment

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Thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoy your stay!! Welcome to HeavyEquipmentForums. I started it yesterday and followed the book on adjusting I think and the dozer still will not move. I wasn't able to get the pressures correct according to the book; however at about rpms, I added shims to get the pressure to about psi which falls within the range according to manual.

I am hoping it is just my errors in adjusting as the dozer still will not move. At low idle, the pressure reads approximately in HLR. Now it reads about at low idle, should I continue adding shims to get to at low idle? Should I replace the oil pressure regulating spring as it may have lost some of it strength and start over from step 1? My big questions is would the dozer still fail to move if I don't get the pressures exactly correct or do you think I have another internal tranny issue?

Heavy ChevyFeb 5, They are a very fussy on adjustment. If you have a PTO look to see if it keeps turning when it refuses to move. If the main engine clutch is slipping it will be stopped. If it is turning look to the power shift or gear transmission for your problem. Were you sure the main clutch was the problem when you replaced it. Are you sure you direct drive transmission is in gear.

I have seen some very sloppy linkages that resulted in the tranny not being locked in a gear as thought. I'm pretty positive it was the clutch because when I pulled it, the clutch plate had completed sheared away from the spline and springs were completely chewed off. I just read another post about that I should measure the 3.

I just ordered a new oil pressure spring as I added quite a few shims just to bring the pressure.

JDcrawlers Messageboard

I will take the PTO cap off as well now and look at what you are suggesting. I overfilled the tranny by 2 gallons by mistake.We expect this to last months and during this time we will still be receiving inquiries and orders as best we can.

If they shut down, we do to 3. Back home to Tractorparts. Al items below are in stock and if you would like to get any of them on the way just let us know! You may also email steeringclutch gmail. We are located 20 miles east of Boise, Idaho.

We provide both options. IH IH TD5. IH TD6. IH TD9. IH TD Tractor Make. Model Click each model for more information. Part Number. Call to Order. Bimetallic discs. Small CASE D8 2U. TD John Deere Brake Discs. BRR or T John Deere Steering Clutch Discs.

T Steel Disc. JD C. MODEL Massey Ferguson Hanomag Mitsubishi Steering Clutch Discs.

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