Miwe oven

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MIWE – Condo Electric Deck Oven

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miwe oven

Miwe for sale. Sort by Price Cheapest first Most expensive first. Newest first Oldest first. Nearest first Farthest first. Your location was not identified Edit.The smell of fresh-baked rolls and the sight of steaming crescent rolls make in-store baking of bread and pastries an experience for your customers.

Used Miwe bakery & pastry equipment

The movement of air inside the convection ovens ensures perfect heat distribution in the oven and the best results. Whether you choose a premium appliance, a combination of convection oven and deck ovens, or a space-saving shop oven - as the "inventor" of aroma baking we offer you a variety of fresh baking stations for your special purposes.

MIWE convection ovens. At the heart of every concept: the right oven. Learn more. Electrically heated universal convection oven for all types of dough pieces. Our best recommendation for shop bakers offering premium quality standards.

A full-fledged, electrically heated convection oven with three, five or even ten supports and the smallest of footprints. Electrically heated bake-off systems with high quality results you can count on. Really compact. But still a real MIWE oven inside and out for excellent baking results on even the smallest base measurements. Operates on any AC outlet. The multi-talented electrically heated convection oven can do so much more: steam cooking, baking, reheating or make an oven-fresh hot snack magically appear in no more than three minutes.

Convection oven. This website uses cookies. By using the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Privacy Policy Close.Our world is baked goods, and the bakers of the world are our customers. We can help you to be more successful in your market — with the best products possible, reliable consulting, winning concepts, sophisticated technology and excellent service. Day for day, we come a good step closer to our vision: to be the first choice in the world of baking.

Even though the current situation is difficult to gauge and the circumstances are constantly changing, we believe we are well positioned to continue to support you and your company with excellent services. We have prepared ourselves for the coming weeks in line with the German Government's guidelines for corporate pandemic planning and are following the recommendations of the public authorities.

Miwe Rotary oven

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Data protection. You can only make baking future-proof by looking at the big picture.

miwe oven

Granted, good baking results require a good oven. But we also know that even the best oven cannot fix things if weak points pop up in the process sequence beforehand or afterwards.

That is why MIWE offers a much broader approach. One with which we will closely examine your existing process and logistics processes. One with which we can show you new ways for baking better goods and doing better business through our comprehensive know-how. Read more about what makes our company so unique. From production to the shop - we offer the right solution for every challenge. You are at the heart of what we do, especially when it comes to service. Choose from tailor-made services or tailor your own highly individual service package.

Our experienced experts will be pleased to advise you. You can expect a fully equipped production bakery, seminar rooms, a modern test laboratory and a baking studio with the entire portfolio for in-store baking. Better baking. Better business. Information on the current situation. Let's ride out this extraordinary situation together. MIWE technology for ambitious professionals. Production baking oven systems.

In-store baking at point of sale. Systems for the modern gastronomical and snack sector. Bakery refrigeration systems proofing, chilling, freezing. Feeding and transport systems. System connection and digital services.Both deck and wagon ovens are standard equipment in craft bakeries.

For excellent baking results, our rack ovens as well as our wagon ovens offer solutions for every aspect of the production flow. Wagon ovens stand out especially with the advantages of rational loading.

Our deck ovens offer optimal baking results and are appreciated by users around the world. Today everyone is talking about flexibility. That has long been part of our day-to-day work: we have been making bakers' lives easier for decades with our deck ovens. They give you the flexibility a modern bakehouse requires.

Our motto is always: highly economical, carefully engineered, made to last and always reliable. Baking rolls on a conveyor belt requires at least one continuous oven that can quickly handle large quantities.

With our flexible assortment, you do not have to adapt to the pass through. Instead we tailor the oven to fit your needs, whether it involves continuous baking or step operation.

miwe oven

Would you like to bake on a flue-gas circulator as if it were a thermal oil baking oven and still have all the flue-gas characteristics at your disposal? Our latest flue gas systems offer you this benefit. Groundbreaking electric baking.

Our electrically heated ovens impress with outstanding baking characteristics and are extremely economical with energy consumption. Learn more about MIWE rack and wagon ovens.

Convection and Deck Ovens

Deck ovens. Continuous oven. Learn more about MIWE continuous ovens. Flue gas systems. Learn more about MIWE flue gas systems.

Thermal oil systems. Learn more about MIWE thermal oil systems. Electrically heated systems. Learn more about electrically-heated systems from MIWE. Production ovens. This website uses cookies. By using the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Privacy Policy Close.Outstanding performance for your daily work — MIWE orbit Excellent baking results, simple operation and a robust design for heavy-duty use typical of MIWE — all this and its outstanding use of space distinguish the new MIWE orbit and make it recommendable for bakehouses and market bakeries alike.

Convection wagon oven with a rotating rack standing with rotary plate or optionally suspended for dough pieces of all kinds. With oil, gas or electric heating. You want to know more? Take advantage of the free consultation and find out more about how the MIWE orbit can help you in your daily work.

Get more information now! Two different systems have established themselves in the world of convection oven baking: the rotary plate version, in which the trolley is moved onto a platform, which turns during baking. And the lift variant, in which the trolley is inserted into a suspension device that lifts it and rotates it freely when baking. The MIWE orbit can do both and therefore allows you to remain true to your preferred system and continue to use your existing racks.

The rotary plate variant is standard; the lift variant is optional. Take a moment to consider: the MIWE orbit functions with a minimal footprint — and yet all of its technical components burner, heating register, water installation, etc. This allows you to install it, if necessary, so that it is enclosed on three sides left, back, rightfor example in an alcove or in a row. This also means that every square inch of space is used optimally. Of course, the MIWE orbit is also network-compatible.

How could such a universal oven not be? This means that you can connect it to a network and then access it remotely. To check the current oven status, for example. Or to manage your baking programs with a special software solution. Or to store your baking data over a longer period of time and evaluate it for quality monitoring purposes. The fact that we have thoroughly optimized the insulation of the new MIWE orbit is something you can confidently get your hands on e. Because less energy loss and optimal energy use are reflected in an outstanding combustion efficiency — and therefore result in reduced energy cost.

Contact us for more information about MIWE product! Ensures maximum flexibility and exceptional variety in baking, even in the smallest of spaces. At home in the best bakeries in the world, and for good reason Superior baking like one of the larger models, but with a more modest surface area. Electrically heated deck oven with a gentle baking atmosphere for premium baking results across the entire product range, from delicate pastries to classic oven-baked rolls to heavy varieties of bread — even roasts are cooked to perfection.

Modular design to suit any capacity needs, available in several base measurements and models with baking surface areas of 0.Whether in the fast food outlet, kiosk, mini-market, gas station or convenience store — you simply generate more sales with delicious croissants, bread rolls and other snacks. And all without needing a water connection or high-voltage current. Probably the best ratio of floor space to sales in the industry. The water tank frees you from the need for a water connection.

Perfect for small spaces — the BakeBox combines top design, simple operation and professional baking results without the need for a high voltage current or a fixed water connection. Prepare delicious rolls, croissants and other snacks in a small area with ease. Simple, efficient and flexible, the BakeBox simplifies your baking process and increases your turnover in no time at all. Contact us now! Easy to use. Outside small, inside big.

Easily fits on the shelf. Simply smart baking. Ask us now! Simply BakeBox! Simply more sales Probably the best ratio of floor space to sales in the industry. Simply fitting Fits easily on most shelves. No remodeling, no dirt. Simply easy to handle Foolproof operation — for convincing baking results. Simply effective Heats up quickly. Not just the oven, but also your sales.

Simply flexible. Simply powered: V Can be used almost everywhere. Simply more sales. Simply fitting. Simply easy to handle. Simply effective. Simply powered: V. Get more information here!Download on your iPad and stay connected at all times! Vending machines Warewashing equipment.

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